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  • Who is behind the Clinical Trials Honour Roll?
  • Dr Janelle Bowden of AccessCR launched this annual initiative for the first time in 2008 to raise the profile of clinical trials, and the individuals and organisations that make them possible, leading to the advancement of medical care for the entire community. AccessCR contributes significant funds and time to make the Honour Roll possible as a way of building community spirit around clinical trials, and welcomes partners interesting in helping build the global recognition of this initiative through our sponsorship opportunities.
    Why was the Clinical Trials Honour Roll launched?
    Typically the scientists behind the latest successful medical innovations that treat and/or cure the population are recognised. While their contribution is vital, an important step before any medical intervention is approved for use by the public is the running of the clinical trials to get the evidence the treatments work and are safe. For clinical trials to be successful, a wide variety of people and organisations of different perspectives need to work together to ensure the quality and ethics of the science/trial conduct, and the protection of the people that volunteer to participate. Given the value of clinical trials to the community, and the absence of any other international platform to recognise the entire spectrum of people and organisations involved in clinical trials, we have launched the Clinical Trials Honour Roll.
    We hope this initiative gives those recognised a sense of pride in their contribution over the past year to the clinical trials that provide data that ultimately benefits the entire community, and encourages others to consider either volunteering for or working in clinical research in the future, leading to faster research outcomes and increased medical innovation. 
  • Who is eligible to participate?
  • Any individual or organisation that has made a contribution to clinical trials over the past year is eligible to be nominated, whether that be time, money, knowledge, supplies, etc. This can include, but is not necessarily limited to to following roles:
    Trial volunteers                   Ethics committees                   Clinical Trials Monitors (CRAs)                  Funding organisations          
    Clinical Investigators             Research governance              Research Management                           Clinical trial pharmacists
    Study Coordinators              Clinical trial administrators       Medical writers/protocol development     Clinical project managers
    Data managers                     Statisticians                           Clinical Trials Networks                           Advocacy for clinical trials
    Services providers (eg. CRO, CTMS, EDC, patient recruitment, drug supply, IVRS, randomisation services, laboratory services, etc)
    Note: We believe in the honesty of people nominating individuals and organisations that they will only nominate truthfully. As such, we only verify entries that look suspect. Please respect the intentions of the Honour Roll, and only nominate those that really have contributed something in the past year to clinical trials, and consent to their name being listed publicly on the Honour Roll.
  • How can I get involved?
  • As an individual or organisation, you are most welcome to nominate any person or organisation that has made a contribution to clinical trials over the past year, including yourself if relevant - Don't be shy! Complete the registration form when the call goes out.
  • Why participate?
  • We praise the scientists who make the initial discoveries that lead to medical advances, but when do we recognise the many different individuals and organisations that must effectively partner to get the evidence that the science works in people? Without these many different stakeholders working together, the rest of us wouldn't have the evidence for whether the medicines we take are safe or work, nor the ethical protection of the volunteers involved. We have a lot to be thankful for to this wide range of people that contribute time (often voluntarily), effort, money, infrastructure, knowledge, etc to make quality trials possible.
    The Clinical Trials Honour Roll is a great opportunity to give a pat on the back to the many quiet achievers that help medicine advance through clinical trials. Nominate a person or organisation you've worked with in clinical trials, or perhaps friends and family that have volunteered for trials to say thanks for making the effort and helping gain new medical knowledge about treatments that one day YOU might have the need to benefit from.
    Your nominee may just inspire the next clinical researcher or participant to think about how they might contribute to clinical trials.
  • What should I write for "What is their contribution to clinical trials?"
  • If you are looking for inspiration for "what is their contribution...", here are some ideas for the type of thing you could write to get the juices working. You can also review previous Honour Rolls to see what others have said in the past. Remember, there is a 30 word limit and if more than 30 words are entered, AccessCR will edit the text. 
    • X is a PI for 5 haematology trials and sits on the scientific oversight committee for development of a new drug for leukemia
    • X sits on an ethics committee that has reviewed 25 clinical trials for approval in the past 12 months
    • This organisation provides the eCRF technology that collects data for 12 clinical trials
    • This person is a research nurse that currently looks after 6 arthritis trials involving 250 patients for 3 doctor
    • This organisation has 18 new compounds currently undergoing clinical trials in 36 countries around the world
    • This organisation has conducted the laboratory analysis for volunteers attending 3000 clinical trial visits in the past year
    • X (a pharmacist) has overseen the dispensing of clinical trial medication for 16 clinical trials at X hospital in the last 12 months
    • X has participated as a volunteer in a clinical trial for MS in the past year
    • This organisation has provided $2million funding for cancer clinical trials in the past 12 months
    • X hospital has 96 staff members specifically employed to run clinical trials across all therapeutic areas
    • X manages the running of two cardiovascular clinical trials in 18 countries
    • X is a CRA working on 4 studies in stroke, diabetes, ovarian cancer and renal cancer in New Zealand
    • X provides administrative support to a team of 8 people working on acute coronary syndrome clinical trial
    • X volunteered time on the X committee improving how clinical trials are run nationally
    • X has trained 85 people in India on the essentials of good clinical practice (ICH-GCP) this past year
    • X has 2000 clinical trial employees, runs 320 clinical trials with 1800 clinical trial volunteers, and is currently trialling 36 new compounds globally.
  • What is the Most Nominated Individual Award?
  • Organisations have an opportunity to sponsor an award to recognise the category of their choosing, for example most nominated research coordinator, CRA, Sponsor, CRO, Service Provider, Consumer Organisations, etc, in their region.

    The Most Nominated Awards are awarded to the person/organisation with the most separate nominations (in a category) from different people. If there are two people with the same number of nominations, the first to reach that number of nominations will receive the award. The Awardee will receive a framed certificate naming them as the Most Nominated (in a category).
  • How is my privacy protected?
  • When completing the nomination form, you indicate whether nominees consent to the publication of nominee information submitted (except email address) on the publicly accessible Clinical Trials Honour Roll that will be available via this website. 
    Throughout the open nomination period we may also acknowledge the name of new nominations via Twitter (@CTHRoll and #CTHRoll).
    The email addresses submitted via the nomination forms will be used by AccessCR to distribute Certificates , and updates related to the Honour Roll. If you indicate nominees consent to contact from Sponsors of the Honour Roll during the nomination process, their email will be provided to sponsors after the Honour Roll is published.
    The complete privacy policy and terms and conditions of use of this website are available by clicking here.